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Of all the failed policies of President Joe Biden and his Democratic socialist enablers, allowing people to get out of student loan debt is perhaps the most troubling.

The irresponsible tax policies pushed by elected Democrats have given us historically high inflation that is punishing hard-working families with dramatically rising gas and grocery prices. Their coddling of criminals has resulted in explosive crimes across the country. Their policy of open borders has created a human tragedy and threatens our national security.

But none of these egregious failures are as fundamentally offensive, irresponsible and insulting to taxpayers as the Biden-Socialist Democratic proposal to write off student debt.

This is a terribly personal issue for me and for millions of Americans who have gone through college debt-free or who have dutifully paid off or are paying off their student debt. Why should hundreds of millions of Americans who didn’t go to college at all be forced to pay off the student loan debts of those who think they shouldn’t be held accountable for their decisions to get loans ?

Of course, the cost of a college degree, even from public institutions, has increased exponentially over time, but that doesn’t change the fact that some students have worked two jobs and lived in conditions of poverty to contract less debt, while others probably used loans. to subsidize posh apartments and didn’t work a day during the school year.

I was born and raised in rural southeast Colorado in Bent County, which is now one of the poorest counties in the state. I grew up on a farm where I stacked hay, grew sugar beets and irrigated crops. I earned money raising pigs which I then used to help pay for my education.

At the end of the summer, I also helped our neighbors pick their highly perishable crops of cantaloupe and watermelon. I worked side by side with migrant workers, many of whom were seasonal workers from Mexico. My respect for the people who do this backbreaking work as a way of life is immeasurable.

During my first three years in college, I worked for a funeral home and completed my senior year at the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo) at head of US Senator Bill Armstrong’s office in Pueblo.

I value and appreciate my political science degree from then USC, where I had the privilege of studying with legendary Democratic strategist and lobbyist, Wally Stealey, and other outstanding instructors. I graduated without relying on my parents and I didn’t go into debt with student loans. In the end, I owed nothing to anyone.

I don’t blame anyone whose college education was paid for by their family, whether they were wealthy parents who could easily afford it or middle-class working parents who dutifully saved for college their children. I also don’t blame those who applied for student loans to pay for their college education.

But there is a fundamental principle at play when the federal government decides to allow people who applied for government student loans knowing that they would repay those loans to the government and ultimately taxpayers to opt out of this responsibility.

Where would such a senseless and irresponsible policy stop? Why should someone with a loan from the Small Business Administration or any other government loan pay it back? Why would future student loan applicants think they will ultimately have to repay the government? Why not wait until Democratic Socialists like US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York step in again and allow people to get out of those debts leaving taxpayers with the bag again?

I rarely quote the liberal editorial page of The New York Times, but on this issue they were largely right in their May 15, 2022 op-ed titled “Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling it is always bad policy.

The editorial said: “Cancelling this debt, even in the limited amounts contemplated by the White House, would set a bad precedent and would not change the fact that future students will graduate with even more debt – with the blind hope on the other, future amnesty.Such a decision is legally dubious, economically unsound, politically burdensome and educationally problematic.

President Biden is in a political corner after making a very cynical and irresponsible pledge to Warren and Ocasio Cortez to eliminate student loan debt in order to be in a stronger position in the 2022 midterm elections. While this may inspire some younger voters to support the Democrats in November, I believe that many more voters, young and old, will push back against this disgusting and unfair policy.

Certain universities and colleges, public and private, non-profit and for-profit, have certainly exploited the federal student loan program with sky-high tuition increases and questionable curriculum. They also need to be held accountable, but that doesn’t excuse people who now want their student loans bailed out.

Voters who didn’t go to college but worked hard all their lives are tired of self-proclaimed individuals who think others have to bail them out for their decisions. Forgiving student loan debt is simply wrong and unfair.

Dick Wadhams is a GOP political consultant and former Republican state chairman of Colorado.


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