Student loan forgiveness is not a wise proposition (letter to the editor)


Advanced contributor Gary Moore said he was shocked to see people objecting to the student loan forgiveness proposal. He wrote that Jesus told his disciples to invite not only family and friends to the banquet, but also people who owe them money and cannot repay them and also to invite the homeless. Mr. Moore believes this is the rationale for this loan forgiveness proposal.

Many people and organizations, though none as famous as Jesus and his followers, freely support charities that help those in need. Americans, as a people, are the most generous in the world. That is not what is happening in this loan forgiveness proposal. The sums in question are those collected by law from American citizens. This is money lent to students who have signed a contract to repay it.

Government building of bridges and highways and dispatching disaster relief are integral parts of a well-functioning society and are not equivalent, as Moore argues.

Our government has an obligation to be good stewards of the money collected from its citizens. It also sends the wrong message to students who now think the contracts are arbitrary – and to those who paid them back, now feeling cheated. Not a wise proposition all around. If it’s a private organization that waived that loan, so much the better: it’s not that, and American taxpayers, some of whom are the parents of the children who repaid their loan to the government, end up paying for it.

(Dennis Semenza is a resident of Dongan Hills.)

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