States with the highest default rates on student loans

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States with the highest default rates on student loans

Woman with coins and calculator in her hand surrounded by bills

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close-up of woman using laptop and calculator

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Close up of a late reminder

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Woman sitting on sofa and holding paper with open laptop

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Balance sheets on top of a brown envelope showing an overdue notice

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Caroline from the south

Young man in cafe holding letter with open laptop in front of him

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Asian woman using calculator next to overdue notices

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African american woman sitting at kitchen table, using calculator and holding paper

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Close-up of a person using a calculator while holding a late notice

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West Virginia

Asian woman working on laptop in cafe

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New Mexico

Young woman with face in hands surrounded by bills

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Close-up of two people, one using a calculator and the other pointing to paper with a pen

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close-up of man using calculator and holding paper

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Close-up of a man holding overdue statements

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