Iowa Student Loan Offers Tips for Funding College –

Statewide Iowa – The fall semester won’t begin for several weeks at colleges and universities across the state, but now is a key time in the financial planning process.

Iowa Student Loan CEO Steve McCullough said parents and students need to do research when it comes to student loans.

He says there are federal student loans, private loans, and loans offered through the Iowa program.

He says the state loan could save a family a thousand dollars over the life of a 10 thousand dollar loan. McCullough says their website at can help you see your options.

The Biden administration has been talking a lot about canceling student loans. McCullough says that shouldn’t be a factor in student loan decisions right now.

McCullough says there are things students can do to reduce the amount they have to borrow.

He says that if you base your decisions on the facts at the time and really take the time to do your research and understand that interest rates and other factors, you can make a difference in how much you end up with. pay in the long run.

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